"Nothing predisposes more towards conformism than a gap in your training "


Discover « L’Envol » by way of flexible modules.

You are a company manager. You would like to improve your professional expertise or your employees’ knowledge.

You are a private seller. You would like to enhance your skills or redirect your career.


You are looking for training schemes which suit your personal needs.
L’Envol is exactly what you need !


It is the first European centre organizing flexible modules for companies and private sellers.

Who are we ?

Danièle Debiève, founder and administrator , industrial  engineer, professor in University. 


A team of trainers, all professors in colleges or universities or experts in the field you have chosen.


A structure of partnership with an economic status.

What do we do ? What does our job consist in ?

We set up “tailored” trainings in various fields such as administration and management, languages, I.T., catering, etc.

Working with us

The teaching method we use depends on what the learner needs or wants, as well in terms of professional skills as in terms of personal needs.

The trainings are organized and tailored to the level of knowledge of the learner, which one is determined thanks to a pretest.

We are there for you !

Our job consists in implementing all that is required to make your training efficient, using technologies which fit you. All this is possible thanks to the quality of our trainers, professors validated by a college or university. 


Our philosophy

We develop for you the training you need after discussing your centres of interest and this is done according to your availability.

We readapt the goals you have set for yourself so that our trainings respond to your expectations.